Accomplish more by sharing one Umbrella!

Posted by Tracie Skaggs, Public Relations Director, Carl Junction School District on 2/18/2015 12:00:00 PM

When your community partners want to help, good things happen. When your community partners work together, GREAT things can happen!


That’s the focus of a Bright Future Community Engagement Conference entitled “Be Better Together – Using an Umbrella to Bring Everything Together.” Attendees will learn how much more your community can accomplish if everyone is working together.


When we started our Bright Futures program at Carl Junction almost four years ago, we were very fortunate in that we already had an enormous amount of support from the community. It was important for us to maintain the philosophy that the Bright Futures program didn’t belong to the school, but to the whole community. We are all in the “kid business.”


When we brought our community partners together to discuss what we wanted to accomplish, we discovered we could accomplish so much more by making sure all of our partners were communicating with each other and working together. Some of the agencies had resources we were not aware of and were more than willing to share.


For example, we had one organization that was purchasing school supplies for students. Each year, they provided supplies for about 45 children because they were operating on their own. Now, with the support of several community partners, we are providing 300 students with school supplies. With our backpack program, one organization was providing about 60 backpacks for our weekend food program. With the support of additional community partners, we have tripled that amount.


With the Bright Futures program, our partners now have a way of communicating with each other and working together for the good of the community and the students.


Carl Junction Superintendent Dr. Philip Cook will share some of the insight we learned about how to best work with your community partners, how to communicate better, and how to keep your partners engaged in working toward the same goal.


Come join us as we work together to bring everyone under the same umbrella. You’ll be surprised at how much more you can accomplish!