• Moving Forward
  • From Couch Surfing to College 
    Carl Junction, MO 
    “A high school student had attended almost every school in the area.  She had been couch surfing since she was 16, and ended up in Carl Junction as a senior.  Frustrated, she reached out to Bright Futures when she had nowhere to live.  She wanted to finish school, and had kept up with her studies despite her inconsistent education.  Bright Futures helped her pay the cost of the GED, which she passed with flying colors.  Her counselor then helped her enroll at a community college who waved her admission fees, but she still needed help paying for housing.  Her Bright Futures coordinator convinced the advisory board to help a student outside the K-12 demographic by paying for her housing registration fees.  We even hosted a ‘dorm room shower’ so she’d have all the necessities.  She is currently finishing her second semester of college and doing well."
    Welcome to the Neighborhood 
    Carthage, MO 
    “A family moved to Carthage from California leaving everything behind.  There were two little girls and one little boy not yet in school that needed shoes and clothes.  I gathered some volunteers and went hunting for donations, which was really easy because we have the support of an amazing church.  We went to their clothing house and picked out some things that could be used, and the church even gave me a Wal-Mart gift card to buy some new shoes and clothes for these students. What a feeling it is to know I changed a family’s life that day. The smallest things can.”
    Making a House a Home
    Harrisonville, MO
    “A local landlord made contact with our Bright Futures staff about one of his renters who is a mother of two.  He went to fix a leak and noticed there was no furniture in the home: no beds, no sofa, no chairs and no table.  We posted the need and quickly got many donations from the community to furnish the home, and volunteers even helped move in the items.  The family was thrilled, and the actions of the landlord were very moving.  He cared enough to take a risk and ask if he could help his renter, and the fact that he knew he could ask Bright Futures Harrisonville for help means we have created a strong and positive reputation in our community.  On top of that, the landlord even stayed after all the ‘movers’ were gone to help set up and arrange the furniture.”
    Helping Hands
    Joplin, MO
    “Two students were adopted by their grandparents when their parents passed away.  Shortly after, their grandfather died, leaving only their grandmother to care for them.  She had to retire from work and turn to Medicaid for medical insurance, but was unable to insure her grandchildren.  Frustrated, she turned to Bright Futures for help.  A business partner was more than happy to assist the family, and even called the grandmother directly to help her obtain health insurance for her grand kids.”
    Moving Forward
    Joplin, MO
    “Bright Futures is motivated by success, and the success of our students results in the success of our organization.  In Bright Futures Joplin, our model program, we have already seen a drastic increase in graduation rates since the implementation of the program.  Our students are getting the support they need to succeed.  For us, this is enough to keep Bright Futures moving forward.”
    Dressed for Success
    Liberal, KS
    “A high school senior was considering dropping out of school because he was embarrassed that he only had one outfit.  His mother contacted the school counselor and asked there was anyway they could help.  The counselor immediately called Bright Futures and clothes were quickly gathered for the young man.”  
    Coming Together
    Lincoln County, MO

    "Lincoln County has beautiful, amazing people doing wonderful things to enrich the lives of children and others.  Bright Futures Lincoln County has created an opportunity to engage every single person in our community to come together and stand beside our families as a cohesive team. The children of Lincoln County will grow up knowing that their community cares for them and that everyone has given their time, talent or treasure along the way to enrich their lives.  Lincoln County Missouri is a wonderful place to call home and the future of our children is even brighter."

    Above and Beyond
    Seneca, MO
    “Seneca is a very caring and generous community.  When we shared a need for a young girl whose shoes were literally falling apart, a family wanted to donate not one but two pairs of shoes and some really cool socks for this young lady.  I love the concept that many hands make the workload light!”