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    What is the difference between Bright Futures USA and Bright Futures affiliate communities?

    Bright Futures USA is a national non-profit organization dedicated to the deployment, implementation and support of the Bright Futures Framework. This means that Bright Futures USA works to share this framework with additional communities and support the communities already in place so that more children may be reached.

    Bright Futures affiliate communities work directly to support the basic needs of children throughout their communities by bringing together existing resources. Bright Futures affiliate communities are independent and mostly autonomous, but are provided support for their efforts through Bright Futures USA.

    Our vision is to inspire community partnerships that open a way for all children to learn, lead and serve to their full potential now and in the future. To bring that vision to reality, we work to develop and support independent affiliate communities. Our framework brings together businesses, human service agencies, faith-based organizations, parent groups and individuals in an effort to create lasting connections to help all kids succeed. Through our framework, our affiliate communities are committed to three main goals:
    1 Create communication and resource structures to meet any child's basic needs within 24 hours.
    2 Build community leadership capacity to improve problem solving capabilities to address the greater challenges faced by today's youth.
    3 Provide service-learning opportunities to provide students and teachers curriculum-based, hands-on service experiences to grow generations of service-minded citizens.
    Bright Futures Framework 
    By engaging the community, we can create a learning atmosphere that enables students and teachers to focus on education and achieving success. Bright Futures USA operates under the belief that when communities invest their time, talent, and treasure in their schools, students are more likely to stay in school through graduation, have a higher degree of self-worth and confidence, and set and reach goals for the future. In turn, these students grow up to be better neighbors, quality employees, and impactful leaders in their communities.
    All Bright Futures affiliate communities also commit to uphold our core values.  As an organization, WE BELIEVE:
    1 ...in the inherent worth of every child.
    2 ...that every child's basic needs must be met in order for that child to be able to learn effectively.
    3 ...education is critical to success.
    4 ...every community has the resources to meet the needs of every child.  These resources must simply be brought together.
    5 ...every child deserves a chance at success.
    6 ...that diversity should be celebrated.
    7 ...in the sanctity of the family unit.
    8 ...honesty and integrity are the key to maintaining purity of mission.
    9 ...all of us are better together than any one of us alone.
    ...And our actions reflect our beliefs!