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    January 2016: Church of the Nazarene
    • Congratulations Bright Futures January Partner of the Month, Church of the Nazarene! This church partner has supported the Bright Futures effort in our community by adopting one of our elementary schools.  They provide snacks for the nurse to give children in need of extra food. They also provide volunteers for many school events.  The church provides mentors for the school’s Lunch Buddy program where twice each month, mentors eat lunch with a child identified as in need of a positive adult member.  This is an opportunity for them to spend time playing games and talking.  The church volunteers report how much the program means to them, as they report the student's eyes lighting up when they arrive at their meetings.  The school and teachers also report how much better the student's behavior gets around these mentor meeting times.One of the greatest ways the Nazarene Church helps Bright Futures is through the Middle School After School Program.  A staff member from the church offered to give leadership to this program, supported by church volunteers.  This program gives students a safe place to learn, play games, give back to their community, and receive support from community members on a weekly basis.  Lastly, for the past two years, the church has used sidewalk chalk art to welcome children and teachers back to school by writing encouraging words and pictures at the entrance to three of the district’s schools.  Dozens of church members would meet at three of the local schools on Sunday evenings to write positive messages.  They repeat this activity during MAP testing weeks to challenge and encourage students to do their very best and to let them know the community is cheering them on as they go through these weeks of testing.  Church of the Nazarene has done an incredible job in using their time, talent, and treasure for the betterment of their community - Thank you!

     Church of the Nazarene    Church of the Nazarene
    December 2015: Chick-Fil-A
    • Congratulations to the Bright Futures December Partner of the Month, Chick-Fil-A!

    Chick-Fil-A    Chick-Fil-A
    November 2015: Whitworth's Gift Chest Jewelers
    • Congratulations to the Bright Futures November Partner of the Month, Whitworth’s Gift Chest Jewelers! Thank you Steve Whitworth for your commitment to Bright Futures Site Council at the Poplar Bluff Kindergarten Center. Steve has collected books for students in the recent book drive and will be a lunch buddy next school year! Bright Futures thanks you for your partnership! 

    Steve's Book Drive     Steve's Donuts
    October 2015: First Baptist Church of Cherokee
    • Congratulations to the Bright Futures October Partner of the Month, First Baptist Church of Cherokee! They’ve donated over $1000 of school supplies that were bagged and available for students in need at enrollment. They also hosted a school supply drive and ice cream social, raising $1007 for more school supplies, in addition to the previously purchased school supplies. These donations came from within the church’s congregation as well as from the Osage Church of the Brethren of McCune and the Triple C Cowboy Church of Weir, and other community members. Church members volunteered their time to bag and distribute all of these school supplies. This church has been so quick to give and to give generously to the students of their community. Bright Futures thanks you for making a positive difference in your community!
    First Baptist Church of Cherokee  First Baptist Church of Cherokee  
    September 2015: Arvest Bank
    • Congratulations Bright Futures September Partner of the Month, Arvest Bank! Arvest Bank has been a tremendous partner to Bright Futures in many ways. They have paid the affiliation fees for Berryville and Greenland. The President of the Springdale Bank, Lisa Ray paid the fee for Springdale school district out of her own pocket and leveraged grant support from the Endeavor Foundation to cover the balance. Multiple Bank personnel serve on Advisory Boards in Lincoln, Prairie Grove, Berryville, Pea Ridge, and Springdale. Arvest Bank has underwritten the transportation costs in Berryville for students to visit college campuses. In Aurora they provide volunteers for many of the school functions like field day, picture day, MAP BBQ, and Polar Express Day. They also send volunteers each month to help with an art group for at-risk students. Through their various donations of time, talent, and treasure they have changed the lives of so many students. Their willingness to step up to the plate and partner with the schools in each of their communities does not go unnoticed - thank you Arvest Bank!

    Arvest Bank    Arvest Bank
    Arvest Bank  
    August 2015: Joplin Family Y
    • The Joplin Family Y has been a strong supporter of Bright Futures Joplin from the very beginning, and they are involved in many of our schools and provide many blessings to them.  They have held a “kitchen” to supply the functional/daily skills classroom with everything they need to train students to be self-sufficient and they invite the students to the Y for incentive trips.  We are so fortunate to have the Joplin Family Y involved in our schools as a Bright Futures partner. Congratulations to the Bright Futures August Partner of the Month, Joplin Family Y!


    Joplin Family Y    Joplin Family Y
     Joplin Family Y    Joplin Family Y
    July 2015: Golden Valley Memorial Hospital 
    • Golden Valley Memorial Hospital has graciously adopted Henry Elementary in our community.  They quickly volunteered to help in many areas of our school, whether it’s time, talent, or treasure. They have volunteers that come in weekly to read to students, or to just be an ear for the students to read to.  They showed up on the first day of school and decorated the school’s sidewalks with chalk, and cheered on the students as they walked through the doors!  They have talked to students about their role in their community, and even performed skits monthly, to help student understand what are character trait of the month is. Bright Futures Clinton is beginning an adopt a lunch table program once a month and the hospital has 18 employees that volunteer their time to come in.  Their chef comes in once a quarter to cook for students with perfect attendance!  They volunteered to run the concession stand at the school’s big Carnival fundraiser, and then after the fundraiser they matched what we made!  They have done it all and Bright Futures is so appreciative of their involvement in their community’s school. Thank you Golden Valley Memorial Hospital!

    June 2015: Milnot, Seneca 
    • Congratulations to the Bright Futures June Partner of the Month, Milnot! Milnot has been hugely helpful to the students of Bright Futures Seneca. Just this year they have: donated peanut butter for the snack pack program, students were in need of 3 ring binders they gave the schools 60 binders they next day!  This Thanksgiving they donated all the turkeys for the families in need of it to go along with food baskets. The high school expressed a need to have businesses come in a speak with students during advisory time about their company and how they reached their position with success. Milnot was quick to respond to this need by sending managers that were able to teach and connect with the students. Whenever Bright Futures is in need of something Milnot is always there willing to help out in anyway - thank you Milnot!  

    May 2015: Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce 
    • Congratulations to Bright Futures Partner of the Month of May, Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce!  One of their own, Dana Keller has taken on the role of “Community Organizer” by creating a club called “Senior Dawgs” which consists of community business owners/leaders that take time out of their busy schedules to meet the needs of the students in Mexico, Missouri, whatever those needs may be. Outside of her role as Executive Director of the Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce, Dana works tirelessly to ensure that the most needy of children in Mexico are paired with positive adults in the community for a few inspiring moments throughout the week in a program dubbed “Lunch Buddies.”  Dana is always positive and deliberate in her intentions of helping others, both mentors and the mentees. She possesses the determination and personality to bring people together in a productive and positive climate while creating an environment that inspires others to do and be more influential in the improvement of all aspects of our community.  Bright Futures thanks Dana and the Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce for their significant investment in the students of Bright Futures Mexico!

    Folded Shirts      Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce
    April 2015: Lincoln County Sheriff's Department
    • Congratulations to Bright Futures Partner of the Month of April, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department!  From our beginning, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff John Cottle, his deputies and even his prisoners, are a great partner.  Within the first couple of months, inmates began cleaning and organizing a new home for our affiliate.  Their work was noticed and unfortunately the property was sold before we moved in.  Sheriff Cottle became an advisory board member.  His department organized Coats for Kids and secured drop-off locations throughout the county heading into winter.  His inmates would launder the donated coats in the commercial grade detergent, bag and deliver to storage.  This allowed us to respond quickly to needs of children. This year, he is hosting the drive again.  Last spring, we hosted Project Prom.  Helped with set up and delivery of a large number of racks, dresses and suits.  After the successful event, he partnered with the school district and Bright Futures to raise money to have the prom attire dry cleaned by hosting Deputies in Denim.  These are just a few of the gestures by our local sheriff’s department.  The sheriff is well aware that a key to preventing crime is showing a genuine care for people at young ages.  Bright Futures is so thankful for their investment in the children of Lincoln County! 

    March 2015: Harrisonville United Methodist Church
    • Congratulations to Bright Futures Partner of the Month of March, Harrisonville United Methodist Church!  The Harrisonville United Methodist Church has given the students of Harrisonville a second chance to graduate and be successful.  The congregation members have gone above and beyond offering time, talent, and treasure with their monthly birthday and attendance parties. Complete with food and lots of undivided time and attention.  As well as gift cards and incentives.  They also host graduation parties.  And recently hosted Thanksgiving dinner.  With congregation members working side by side to prepare serve and eat dinner.  Their endless desire to do as much as they are able to do  is heart warming.  They continually open the church allowing it to be used for celebrations and as a positive place to be.  When discussion of plans for future celebrations, the question of finances was raised.  One congregation member stated “what we are here for, the amount of money doesn’t matter.”  This is a group who exemplifies each and every aspect of the Bright Futures philosophy, thank you! 

    February 2015: PCS Phosphate Company, Inc.
    • Congratulations to Bright Futures Partner of the Month of February, PCS Phosphate Company!  PCS has a business of McKinley Elementary for over 15 years.  In fact, PCS helped to implement the first snack program in Joplin Schools at McKinley Elementary.  A need for this program was observed and PCS stepped up to make it a reality.  This support was shifted over to Bright Futures Joplin in 2011 when PCS made a $35,000 donation to help fund the Snack Pack program districtwide.  Each year PCS supports McKinley Elementary with their time, talent and treasure.  Twice a year a book is purchased for every student in the building and PCS employees visit the school to personalize and distribute the books to our students.  Students treasure the fact that they have their very own book with their own name written on the inside of the cover.  Employees serve as lunch pals to our students and build much needed mentoring relationships with them.  Students look forward to their time with their pal and the mentoring of these students has made a big difference in the students’ overall performance at school.  T-shirts are purchased for every student twice a year with the funds provided by PCS and in the past they have also purchased winter coats, hats and gloves for them.  Additionally, PCS opens their facility to our students each year for a field trip so that students can learn about their company and the academics that must be learned in order to be a successful employee for their company.  The academics include math, science, language arts skills, including communication.  While on their visit, students are given special items such as notepads and backpacks that the students are excited to be given.  In addition to all of the time, talent, and treasure PCS dedicates to McKinley, there is also a fund set up to build an outdoor science learning garden for our students.  PCS donates to this account each year so our students can have hands on science experiences as well be able to take in pride in maintaining an area that beautifies the neighborhood.  PCS also takes care of the greater community and invests in the City of Joplin.  On May 25, 2011 PCS made a $500,000 cash donation to the American Red Cross, Greater Ozarks Regional Chapter, to support relief efforts after the May 22nd tornado.  Another $250,000 was donated to to the Joplin Schools Foundation to help rebuild Joplin High School.  McKinley Elementary is extremely blessed to have PCS as a business partner.  They take their role in our school community seriously and help taking care of our kids a priority.  Thank you PCS for showing us what it looks like to be a champion!

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Church of the Nazarene
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