• The Value of Time & Talent

    Posted by David Freeman on 6/17/2015 8:00:00 AM
    Everyday, we reach out to ask our busy communities to contribute their time and talent towards the building of a brighter future.

    But why Time & Talent though?

    Take a moment to watch the amazing story of Mr. Wright, a physics teacher who has rendered great service to his students and community.

    Now think about his words near the beginning:

    "Schools have [children] for 6 hours a day and then kids go home and whatever atmosphere they have around for the other 18 affects them. So schools can change a lot but we have to realize that they go home to a completely different environment."

    Word for word, Mr. Wright has expressed our key insight -- the challenge that we have set out to solve. It does not explain his, or our, drive however. Peer into the life of Mr. Wright who in his moment of anger and disillusion, witnesses the simple act of play between his children. The love between his daughter and son reveals the potential that was always there. It provides Mr. Wright a higher degree of self-worth, the confidence to pursue greater goals, and a boundless well of strength.

    This dedicated father, wonderful teacher, and impactful leader draws on that love to dedicate his experience to do good for his family, for his students, and his community. That experience drives him and serves as an inspiration.

    We are no different.

    Everyday we get up and with the love of our family, friends, and community, ask for the donation the greatest treasure available -- time and talent. We ask our communities to build a richer experience for our children and open doors to the potential we know exists.

    Our time & talent is the expression of our drive. Love is its fuel. Never forget that you are an inspiration to your community and enable people just like Mr. Wright with the opportunity to create a brighter future to community they love.

    Thank you and keep up your brilliant efforts!
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  • The "Spirit of Bright Futures"

    Posted by Kim Vann on 5/11/2015 7:00:00 PM
    Every Child Needs a Champion...we say this daily! We see it daily as well in the communities in which we serve. One of those real life champions was featured recently on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Take a minute to view the video here. (By the way….you will need to have a tissue handy!)
    Now wasn't that great?  For more information about Sonya Romero and the work she does, click here

    We hear a lot of negative comments about public education and educators these days, yet we know there are many good things happening in our schools. I know all of you are aware of many champions in your own schools who are making a difference in the lives of children by giving of their time, talent, or treasure. We would love to highlight the “Spirit of Bright Futures” and these champions by featuring them on our Bright Futures USA social media pages and our website. Wouldn’t it be great if we could showcase one positive story a day to give our champions the recognition they deserve? Wouldn’t it also be great if by simply doing that we were able to inspire others to follow in their footsteps?  Wouldn't it be great if good news was shared regularly instead of bad or sensationalized stories?

    I’d like to encourage each of you to send a positive story to us on a daily basis. Email those stories to info@brightfuturesusa.org.  You shouldn’t have to look far to find one. Thanks for sharing the first “Spirit of Bright Futures” story Doug Hunt! Who will be next?
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