Growing Up as an At-Risk Kid

Carrie Caruthers, Risk & Fraud Manager - Operations Solutions and Support, at American Century Investments and a member of the Bright Futures USA Board of Directors, shares her personal story of growing up as an at-risk kid. She expresses the need for community members to stand up for kids.

Come Together

Randy Gariss, Student Life/Campus Minister of Ozark Christian College, shares how his congregation embraced the opportunity to get involved with Bright Futures in Joplin, MO. Listen as he explains how forming authentic relationships focused on doing better for kids makes lasting impact.


Susan Adams, General Manager of Joplin Workshops, Inc. in Joplin, MO, explains how Bright Futures provides an "umbrella" for the resources already found in your community. Susan shares the impact this coming together has had on their efforts of support for local students.

Seeing/Hearing the Real Problem

Peggy Fuller, Vice-President of Marketing for Southwest Missouri Bank, tells the story of her "Aha" moment that brought attention to real issues from real people.  Listen as she describes leadership training that allowed people to see and hear what was really happening within the schools and community.

Get into the Game

Area Minister, Steve Patterson, shares why it is vital for the faith-based community get involved with Bright Futures.

Time - Talent - Treasure

Listen as businessman, Troy Hill, shares how we all have a way to make an impact on student success.

Chamber of Commerce "Connections"

Cary Beasley shares how Bright Futures didn't replace the Chamber's educational programs, but enhanced their efforts with new volunteers and greater communication.

What is the Need?

John Joines, a social service partner, shares common obstacles that children face daily in every community.

Changing Lives

Dale Peterson explains how volunteering to change the life of a child just may change yours as well!

Educational Benefits

Former Assistant Superintendent Angie Besendorfer shares the difference Bright Futures has made for Joplin teachers.